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The Last Hurrah

[Entry 734]

I am getting to reckless. Certain individuals seem to not care for their own lives, thereby provoking me further. I do not with certain death upon individuals who at this time do not deserve it, but the next to disobey should fear for their life. I have a job to do. One way or another, it will all end soon. With my latest order to a supplier, I have aquired what is hopfully enough to end what some fools and egotistical maniacs have already unleashed. For documentations purpose, I have included a listing of my most recent purchase:

Order #337800-B
I am sorry to deliver this order to you on such short notice, but in light of recent developements I find myself in need of some supplies rather quickly. Please have the following items shipped to the previously disclosed location as soon as possible, and as always, your speed is both appriciated and expected.

1 Mounted Chain Gun model 39-X w/ 180 degree turret autofeed system, nightvision targeting
1 Hand Chain Gun model 627-R w/ autofeed system
1 Level 9 Silenced Sinper Rifle w/ nightvision attachement
1 Shoulder-Mounted Short Rage Rocket Launcher
2 Remote Detonators
2 High-Frequency Modulated Hand Axe
5 C-29 Missiles
5 12 Set Cases of Flashbang Grenades
30 Packages C-4 Plastique w/ pre-installed remote detonation system
50 Rounds Heavy Tranquilizer Bullets
50 Rounds C-4 Tipped Bullets

I apologize for the last minute delivery and submission of this latest order. If you are able to deliver it to the previously stated location whithin the expected time frame, it will be worth your while as I will double the price. Thank you for your cooperation.

Customer 0237428749108

I hope it is enough. With the already suicidal idiots I have already found on my assignment, I would not doubt that even more troublsome individuals with death-wishes will arrise. One by one they stand, and one by one I shall knock them back down in there place. When will they learn that no one can just take all they want without anyone noticing? When will they learn that no one goes unchecked? Makes me wonder who is watching me from the shadows...

But enough about my own paranoid delusions... they are nothing but delusions, and will be cast aside as such. I have my own agenda here, as do others. Unfortunatly for them, I will have my way, and if it means the death of them as well as others, so be it. I have no sympathy for those who can not properly defend themselves. If you can not defend yourself, they you should do a favor and stay out of my way. If you think you can defend yourself, heh, well, prepare for eternity...

I am going to enjoy this.

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