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When I went to my room I was still in a state of intoxication. I undress and slipped under my covers.
I never felt so at peace then. I couldn't exsplain it. I would have worried about that if I had the chance to, but it was like I am in a state of euphoria. I was...pleased...and I fell asleep.
My dream was vivid. More vivid than reality as I held Kally in my arms.
The things she did....the things I did.
Amazing. I realized then how much...dare I say...I loved her and she doesn't even know that I watch her when she works. Looking at the books through when I pass by her store. My heart swelled.
Her hair felt great, she smelled great, her skin...her eyes...her...well.
My dream was erotic of course.
It comes with the territory.
While she was there with me however...I noticed a small tattoo on her hip. A melting cross with devil wings. It should have tipped me off then, but this was my dream...and dreams weren't real. Arn't real...
When I awoke I was in the mess known as my bed...the smell was formilure. We all know what that smell is.
When I looked up I was pleased to see Kelly just putting on her cloak. Then perhapes it wasn't a dream. Perhapes it was real, though I was still out of it. I realized I felt more drained than I would if I was hung over. And I am never like that after sex. Certainly not after that kind any way.
Looking up I saw a glimps of red. And before I could see her face to say goodbye...I felt drowsy and fell asleep. Then it hit me just as I was dozing off...it wasn't her.
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